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Tae says...

...and stuff

28 August

Do you like my username? I do.
It's an awesome name because it's got assonance
AND it's a misspelled fandom reference nobody cares about.
Yup, it's pretty awesome, so don't take me too seriously, and we can have fun.

When not grad-schooling, I can most often be found lurking around the internet,
but I also play video games, piano, draw, read, and sleep what the hell, self, you don't sleep any more, don't lie to people.
And I used to like making icons and I made these posts here, here and here.

And just for fun facts, I don't much care for buffalo sauce, yaoi, killing off characters to end a story, verb conjugation, or squeaky flip-flops.


Current fandoms are NHL hockey and Hetalia, with some Sonic and Legend of Zelda.
I have only a few old fandoms. Look at all my old fandoms. Look how old they make me look. I even used to hang out at atlaland. I miss the marquee function, too.

CAPSLOCK, .hack//sign, 90's rock, akira toriyama, anime, anime soundtracks, archery, architecture, art, avatar, axis powers hetalia, bears, bed, bouncy balls, cakeman, candy, cds, celtic music, cheesecake, chocolate energy, chocolate oranges, christianity, clicky erasers, clouds, comic books, cowboy bebop, crosses, daydreaming, dbz, ddr, detriot red wings, disney, dogs, double-sided sticky tape, drawing, duct tape, earworms, ed edd & eddy, excel saga, fanart, flcl, flowers, fullmetal alchemist, gaiaonline, gamecube, ganondorf, halloween, hetalia, hobbits, hockey, icons, internet memes, iron man, j.r.r. tolkien, jing: king of bandits, kamina, katamari damacy, kazuya minekura, kingdom hearts, knuckles, kuririn, kuroneko-sama, laputa, law & order, legend of zelda, lord of the rings, love hina, macros, majora's mask, manga, mechanical pencils, mononoke hime, multiples of three, my neighbor totoro, mythology, n64, nature, nhl, numb3ers, ouran host club, overclocked remix, photography, photoshop, piano, pickle, playoffs, pocky, poe, pokemon, ps2, rain, reading, red and khaki, rollerblading, saiyuki, see saw, sega genesis, sesshomaru's tail, short man, shrimp, silver, singing, sketching, sleep, sleeping, snow, snowboarding, sonic the hedgehog, spirited away, ssx, stars, stone tower, summer, sushi, techno, technochocolate, tenchi muyo!, tengen toppa gurren lagann, the cat returns, the goo goo dolls, the hobbit, the nightmare before christmas, the pillows, the seat belts, they might be giants, tope, trees, trigun, tsuneo imahori, vansappa, video games, walking, whistling, wind waker, wings, wolfwood, yoko kanno, yuki kajiura, zoras