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The older I get, the more I like cooking [20 Sep 2013|03:05pm]
[ mood | gonna focus all my anxiety energy into making it happen ]

And by 'like cooking', I mean 'abuse my power as a sentient being to make combinations of the unwitting ingredients'.

I had a dream last night that I was back in college. But let's never mind the fact that my dorm roommates were my roommate that hated me plus two boys and all that awkwardness, let's look at what the university catering service cooked up for us in our room's own private buffet line.

Dango. Rolls. A whole bunch of tiny dango balls rolled up in... an edible membrane of some kind... like peas in a pod. With a reddish sort of sauce lightly applied/worked in. With a choice of two other sauces to eat it with. As far as I know, it was a completely stupid made-up idea but also really delicious-looking. I woke up before our server came back to give me some.

I want to eat it.
I have a dango recipe.
I can re-create this monstrosity.
With enough research and tests, I can do it.
I'm gonna do it.


-Red sauce may have been something like sweet red bean
-Membrane was white-or-tan-colored, and had wrinkles/ridges to hold sauce (wild guesses: fried tofu, egg roll wrappers, ...)
-One sauce was gray-brownish and reminded me of sausage gravy???

( <3 )

but is it such a good idea to swim when you're getting sick [03 Sep 2013|12:46am]
[ mood | sick ]

This weekend was pretty fun. I got go swimming one more time. I found goggles that stay on my face when I dive in, instead of flying off and filling my eyes with water. And I got to go stargazing and saw four shooting stars and a satellite.
But then my sore throat bloomed into a full fever and mucus fountain and I was sick for the rest of the weekend.

This may as well be my Sick Journal.
I post here when I get sick/allergic.

Seeing as I haven't had any allergy attacks since starting the shots, it's going to be mostly Sick Journal. So I spent the "Last Long Weekend of Summer" with a box of tissues and way too many menthol throat drops. At least it wasn't six boxes of tissues like it is with allergies.

But I'm starting to feel better and I am super pumped that I can do things like dive into the water and not have my goggles fly off my face. I am so super pumped that I'm not even embarrassed it took watching Free! to remember "Hey I wonder if I can find goggles that won't fly off my face like they always used to." It took half an hour of trying on every pair of goggles in the sports store but I did it. I was not this smart years ago. I used to be on swim team and let me tell you this goggles thing was legit my Problem, and I was pretty much restricted to backstroke in any swim meet because of it. I am exited to finally fix this Problem.

I took Nyquil before writing this post, I am so sorry.

And that's how Swimming Anime made my sick weekend feel more worth it, even though they had nothing to do with each other, and I don't know how swimming right before hitting the wall of 'shit, i'm really sick' affected my health. It was a lot of water up my nose.

Oh, and I'm finally playing Sonic 4.
This is one of those weeks where I'm proud to say 'Hey 12-year-old Tae, look what I can do'.

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[20 Apr 2013|01:51am]
[ mood | tired ]

Today, I bought 1 terabyte of memory for like 80 bucks. That's like 30x the memory of my first laptop from 2005.

We are living in the future, my friends.

I haven't started it up yet, but still. I'll do that, free up some space, see if it makes Revit work again, and if it doesn't... I don't know what I'll do. :\ But I'll have a crapton of memory available, that's for sure. I'd much more like to figure out what this 70GB "Unknown" on my hard drive is that WinDirStat can't even identify. It's been there since at least February and it's starting to worry me. If you're a virus I forbid you from infecting my shiny new terabyte. Don't do it.

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that's the nutshell [08 Apr 2013|03:11am]
[ mood | tired ]

I'm here to say Shutocon was an awesome DBZ reunion con and my sister and her boyfriend are now the proud owners of a possessed toilet.
That was my weekend.

tl;dr to come when it's not 3am.

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Snowman Request Live [27 Feb 2013|02:06am]
[ mood | cold ]

One more winter storm. It's not the 6" of snow it was threatening, but I had to cancel my plans to go to CRU tonight (which canceled itself soon after due to the weather), and everything's just heavy slush underneath and it's gross.

But I got the shoveling done. And now, after being rained on all day and completely bent over, Pickle Inspector has been rescued, reincarnated, and given a new head and lives on as Pokey!Collapse )

Whereas PI was easily 6' tall including the hat, the rain shrunk Pokey to a very dense 5'6".
The wet snow was actually perfect for the spikes. Thanks for the idea, Venus!

After all that, between the snow and arranging a meeting with the lead architect at a firm I might want to work for (PHONES), I'm totally exhausted. Maybe tomorrow the world will be frozen and be reasonable about it.

( <3 )

I can cook? [15 Nov 2012|04:00pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

Mom cancelled our date to go out to eat at Richter's tonight.
So I made Dad's delicious tuna salad recipe in a tantrum to spite her and she can't have any she can have some if she reschedules with me.

It's something that's been happening gradually, but I've been learning how to cook a little bit! It started with learning how to cook eggs, then pie, gaining confidence... But what's really thrown me into the fire has been Bros Dinner Night every Wednesday and being the first one out of class and the first one to start working on making the dinner. Last night, I had to mix and make breaded mozzarella sticks and breaded pork chops because Cassandra ordered me to because she was working on cooking other things. And I did it! And it turned out good! I think if I had a kitchen I stocked myself, I think I could do it... But my Mom is so particular about her food stocks that sometimes even cooking eggs upsets whatever balance she was holding in it.
And you know, that's probably why I've been so afraid of cooking?
But it's fun and I'm glad I'm learning now.

This was always my plan, to spend the day after my presentation with delicious food.

The presentation went pretty well. The only worrying part is it was the fourth presentation and printed handout this semester that I've finished literally minutes before going to class. My friends have taken to asking me on Wednesdays if I've finished (or started) that PowerPoint that's due tonight.
I answer that it's not my fault this suddenly turned into a two-credit RESEARCH EVERYTHING class, but it kind of is.
There are five weeks left of the semester.
There are five weeks left of my entire academic career.
Holy shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit

And Oz is going to come back for a visit and live with me for that last week. And that's good, I need emotional support.

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fml and midterms [12 Nov 2012|02:33pm]
[ mood | impatient ]

Now that Youmacon is done and I'm back at home, I'm all readjusted to horrible school life. At least the barrage of political calls is over.
Youmacon was great. Not so much the organization (there wasn't any), but the people I met were great and it's always fun exchanging tons of hugs in cosplay.

Readjusting to life after Youmacon:
-Land line phone calls
-Didn't have to wake up early but did anyway
-There is food around and it is free
-I don't have to keep adjusting my hair
-Can't go talk to random strangers

And of course doing MOUNTAINS OF SCHOOLWORK. I swear this has been the most productive week of my semester so much so that I was skirting depression again on Saturday because working until 4am was a really bad idea. Two good nights of sleep (thanks to earplugs) have done wonders, but still, damn mountains of schoolwork. Today I have to tell my independent study supervisor I can't make the deadline today because tracing and translating site visit diagrams takes fucking forever. Today I also have to do preferably all my research for Evidence-Based Design, because there can be no design without evidence I have found through research. And there can be no evidence found through research if the LIBRARY PAGE FOR THIS BOOK DOESN'T WANT TO LOAD SO I CAN GO FIND IT IF IT EVEN EXISTS IN THIS LIBRARY.
So here I am. Still waiting. I don't think it's loading. But I'm upset by this point and now it's just a spiteful game.

After I present this on Wednesday I am officially doing nothing until Friday morning.

Which works because apparently Wednesday's episode of Supernatural will put us all in the hospital. Bring it.

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Allergies are back [23 Aug 2012|03:41pm]
[ mood | sick ]

Speak of the devil. Two years I've managed to go without an allergy attack threatening to suffocate me in my own mucus, as far as I can see.
That ended yesterday.

My nasal spray is no longer preventing these attacks, although it has dampened the horribleness of this one. So far.
Which means I've only gone through just under two boxes of tissues instead of four, six, or eight, and can still sort of breathe and think, kind of.

It is time to go for the allergy shots. I don't fucking care, I am not living my life like this.
Fucking dammit, I have two proposals for school to write, I don't have time for this shit.
And I really want this scholarship, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

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writing this down to make sense of it [21 Aug 2012|05:13pm]
[ mood | what just happened ]

My semester has turned upside down in the best possible way.

TL;DR If you don't make plans sometimes really great things come upCollapse )

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Tell us how you really feel about ladders, Tae [17 Aug 2012|10:55pm]
[ mood | i don't want to pick classeees ]

I'm nearly an old fart by now and most memes, quizzes, and tests have long lost their luster. But this really surprised me.

1. Think of a blank white room. How big is it? What shape is it?

It’s about 15x15’, nearly square but not quite.

2. Think of a cube in the room. How big is it? Where is it in relation to the room? What color is it? What does it look like? Is it floating, slightly elevated, or on the ground?

It’s about 4x4x4’, slightly floating nearest the northeast corner. I can’t decide if it’s red or blue.

3. Think of flowers. How many are there? Where are they in the room

They are all over the floor, growing thick and tall and yellow like a field.

4. Think of a horse. What type of horse is it? Where is it in the room? How big is it? Describe it in three words.

Probably American Quarterhorse, normal size? It’s peeking its head in through a hole in the wall, either a window or door. Perhaps its front feet are in the room. It’s still, black-eyed, probably tired.

5. Think of a storm. Where is it? Describe it.

Brewing to the southwest. The prevailing winds may or may not blow it this way. Lots of rain, some lightning. Beautifully shaped thunderheads.

6. Think of a ladder. Where is it? How big is it? Describe it.

I threw it out and away. I didn’t want a ladder, and it was too big, it messed up the flowers.

Read this after you've filled it out for yourselfCollapse )

Crossposted here

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Fried Everything [16 Aug 2012|05:55pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

I'm finally away from Illinois with its toll roads laid out in terrible configurations and even worse signage telling you which misshapen road to take.
I'm away from Wisconsin, too, which would have been otherwise all right if they did not SYSTEMATICALLY PROHIBIT MICHIGAN LEFTS, WISCONSIN, WE ARE NOT FRIENDS ANYMORE.
I was going to say we still feel sorry for Indiana but as I was driving through it last weekend I heard their politicians aren't as scumbaggy as those in Ohio, Michigan, and certainly not Illinois, so who knows.
But do their sand beaches squeak, no they do not. I'm home.

I spent the past week in these three fine states.
The highlight was Saturday. We assembled a four-person team in northern Illinois to go scope out the Wisconsin State Fair and all its fried-on-a-stick infamy, and took turns buying and sampling all the overpriced novelty food we could. This turned out to be the best strategy, because you can't eat more than two or three of these things whole without needing to go home immediately:

Deep-fried things at Wisconsin State FairCollapse )

I got to see my grandparents again as well, which went sort of all right. We're fine until it comes to artistic lifestyles. My career-pianist/organist grandmother likes NOTHING that I play on the piano because she doesn't understand the melody or chord progression and ALWAYS had to bring this up because what I was playing 'made no sense to her'. It's the one non-public actual piano I have access to and it's full of passive-aggressive commentary. Sob sob, cry more. And then keeping my computer in the living room so I could draw within social reach when there's company over was also apparently terrible. But I got to show off my cute growing deltoids to my ex-paratrooper Grandpa, who approved. He even joked I should do my teres and lats next, like he used to for jumping. This is why he's my favorite grandparent.

I also got to meet my cousin Kristy again for the first time in years, along with her new husband Logan. I knew nothing about him until this weekend, until we took turns playing Legend of Zelda music on the organ and doodling. And I have a new favorite cousin. Best of luck to the both of them!

And then I got back to my room and once again realized it was messy. So I'm going back to cleaning and doing all the shit I've meant to do for months!

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August means progress! [05 Aug 2012|07:36pm]
[ mood | content ]

And I'm back from vacation again and I have internet again, just in time to check out the Homecoming Festival and see that WAR was playing there!
So my Mom and I went. That was cool.
I grew up listening to WAR and we've gone to see them once before when they played at another summer festival in Charlevoix, so it's like the perfect summer thing to do, go listen to a 40-year-old funk band with almost all new members even from like Ecuador and Mexico and sing along. And seriously, damn, these new guys are good. Like, you know how even casual anime fans love the Cowboy Bebop soundtrack? Better than that. I need to check out what other stuff they've been doing lately.
And then the fireworks were huge and amazing. Even bigger than I'd seen on the 4th of July. But then again on the 4th, I was only standing waist-deep in a small lake listening to the echoes come rolling back from the treeline of a few smaller fireworks. I like both. And now I am TRYING to take Ning tonight but bro isn't ANSWERING HER PHONE-

And since it's August, it seems like I started wanting to sketch again, having ghosts from last year's August where I drew every day and made such an embarrassing amount of improvement, and I'm looking to repeat that. For convenience's sake, I've been doing that trick of taking one shot and re-doing it in my own sort of way so far, but I think it's turned out really cute.

It was the usual Hetalia stuff plus a GandalfCollapse )

Just as an anecdote, I remember spending a week in high school trying to get a Legolas drawing to look something like... y'know... Orlando Bloom as Legolas and kind of half failing, and I just sketched a Gandalf that looks pretty much like a Gandalf in like five minutes before church.
I'm having fun now.

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it's been since june [20 Jul 2012|12:28pm]
[ mood | content ]

So guys, it turns out there's a lot of water and a lot of melon in a watermelon.
Like eight bowls of melon and three glasses of water besides.
And this sort of thing is why I've not posted much. It's been summer and it's been wonderful but everything has been so gosh darn nice that I've been sailing along with it and forgetting everything I wanted to journal about. Like making vodka watermelons the wrong way. But I think I can track backwards from here. The watermelon was originally two watermelons and were supposed to be for the 2012 Youma Cosplay Picnic, but only one half was consumed and the other one and a half were not mercilessly beaten to a pulp with a bat.

As for me, I avoided being mercilessly heated to a puddle by wearing my BT cosplay to the picnic.
I lied, I played kickball in the sun and overheated anyway.

Before that, I tried eating chicken feet for the first time, and watched The Amazing Spider-man.
Which was about as good as the other recent first movie. Eating chicken feet requires more practice, though.

Before that, I spent the 4th of July in Sparta, and found that Katie was also a Supernatural fan.
We made up a rather successful drinking game appropriate to any season of Supernatural and it is called "Sammy".

Before that, I went to JAFAX and went to see Cassandra in Alpine, where her brother beat us senseless at Ticket to Ride.
Her brother got over 170 points and is not allowed to go to St. Petersburg ever again.

And because of JAFAX I have finally picked up
the new Trigun movie
Jellyfish Princess
Polar Bear's Cafe
and also Seasons 3 and 4 of Hetalia even though they were somewhat overpriced at the dealer's table, because it is now a two-year tradition to celebrate having a job by buying Hetalia at JAFAX, hahaha.

someday I will finish drawing something.
And my sister will stop making fun of me for being out of practice.
It's been a week just the two of us and we haven't killed each other yet.

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Am I better yet [06 Jun 2012|12:04am]
[ mood | exhausted ]

I've got one glove done.
I've got all my schoolwork done.
I've got a low enough temperature to go to class tomorrow.
I've got a sinus headache big enough to cripple an elephant.
And I've got a photo of the Venus transit I projected with our binoculars.

The little dot on the bottom right is Venus. Bye-bye, sister planet!
Yayyyy bed now.

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stuffed animals (and tae is a big baby) [24 May 2012|09:18pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Okay, now that my last studio is out of the way, I'm finally getting around to all the things I really wanted to do. Like cleaning and gardening, apparently. I can't work on a school project for seven hours straight unless it's due the next day, but I can totally work outside in the garden for seven hours straight, nbd. well not nbd, my legs and back hurt and I have a blister and baw
It looks great, though

And of course cleaning.

Stuffed animals. I have them. I have a lot of them. Not even counting the Beanie Babies I have, which occupy two shelves of their own on my wall, I have a lot. No, my collection used to pile high around my chair, line my bed, take up precious bookshelf space, and even desk space. I've been building this sentimental collection for two decades, even after my mom vowed during my pre-teen days that she would never buy me or my sister another stuffed animal. But I had an allowance, I mowed lawns, I bought my own stuffed animals and got them as gifts from friends and... yeah, from 'Santa', too, since she couldn't actually stop getting them for my sister and me entirely. I have a lot. But today, my collection is getting smaller, and I'm okay with that.

After getting back from New Mexico, I had kind of a shock going back into my own room. I had spent that week sleeping in an empty room save for the mattress I slept on, my suitcase, my backpack, and my coat in the closet. That was it. Nothing on the walls, even. And it was kind of nice for a change. Coming back to my room full of clutter made me feel something resembling claustrophobia. (Maybe this is what my friends think when they see my room, hm.) I also realized something: Why do I have bookshelves full of stuffed animals and floors full of stuffed animals next to piles of books next to bookshelves full of stuffed animals?

Because I'm a pack rat and I love stuffed animals and books, duh.

But that was when I decided enough was enough and it was time to restore the natural order of things. Stuffed animals had to come off the shelves. Books had to go on the shelves. Stuffed animals had to get up off the floor. Feet had to go on the floor. Where do the stuffed animals have to go?

To nice little kids, duh. I watched Toy Story 3.

Before the images is a good place to cut.Collapse )

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and i'm going to enjoy itttt [08 May 2012|11:13pm]
[ mood | rejuvenated ]

I'm done with studio!! I wrote all my papers!! I have a vacation for exactly one week and I'm going to enjoy it!! I'm also going to visit Minnesota again starting Thursday, since Carolyn has been great and organized a trip for a big group of us to stay at her house for a week-ish, so that's going to be awesome. It's time to go back to Lake Michigan, the Mississippi River, Rochester, the Twin Cities, and the Mall of America! And Carolyn's backyard woods. I'm so stoked. But I can find plenty of things to enjoy before that.

4 Things I Enjoyed Today in photosCollapse )

And of course the fifth thing I'm enjoying is vodka, so now it's time to use the glass tumblers I bought today.

It turns out life is good once you get out of studio.

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Last week sucked. [30 Apr 2012|12:07am]
[ mood | frustrated ]

This gif applies right now.
It applies to the horrible rum and vodka they served last night during Power Hour.
It applies to the way the Wings' series against the Predators went.
It applies to all of last week, leading up all the way to the final crit on Thursday.

But it really, really applies to that last one. Shit has been unpleasant.Collapse )

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Karaoke Night at the Joe [11 Apr 2012|02:13am]
[ mood | excited ]

I have to wake up in 8 hours, but we'll pretend the nap we had today counts toward tonight.
And so.

In honor of the NHL playoffs, which start tomorrow I mean today, I am pleased to present my playlist for Red Wings hockey at Joe Louis Arena! These are those trademark songs, those songs our DJ plays often, and hearing them on the radio always reminds me of watching hockey. And they rock! Forgive it if it plays like a List Of Songs Everyone Generally Likes, but it's got ACDC, Journey, Barenaked Ladies, and The Darkness, what more do you want?!

So Red Wings, please let's not lose in the first round please DO NOT MISS YOUR CHANCE. PULL IT TOGETHER. Please. I want to hear songs from our DJ more. ;A;
Go Wings!!


This idea started out as a curiosity of what songs other arenas tend to play a lot, so I'd love to hear any songs associated with watching anyone else's favorite team, too!

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back! [08 Apr 2012|08:53pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

Happy Easter!
I am also coming back to life today, after last disappearing in New Mexico with the flu.

And since then...Collapse )

The requests which were finally finished:
Ladonia, England and Hong KongCollapse )

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What kind of loser spends her Spring Break with the flu? [15 Mar 2012|07:30pm]
This was not the week I expected. I'm sick again, something flu-like, possibly, I don't know. No, this whole week was not what I'd expected.

1. Arrive in El Paso
2. Get surprise-taken to gay club
3. Get taken to a roller derby
4. Catch Oz's flu
5. Start watching Supernatural

Add mountains and that's pretty much what happenedCollapse )

And finally, I was able to print the photos from my phone. At Walgreen's. If I'd been thinking, I could have just asked for a CD, now that I think of it? I must have been starting my fever and gotten derpy.
Things 1 thru 3 at Dallas/Fort Worth airportCollapse )

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